Our Approach

It is testament to our experience and the level of service and attention provided to our clients that we receive so much repeat business. Whilst each project brings its own specific challenges, dynamics and complexities, we continue to deliver projects successfully and with the aim of complete client satisfaction. 

A basic principle within the company ethos is that the team assigned to a project will remain with that project throughout its life. This affords a clear lineage, both for accountability and communication, and ensures  ownership from the immediate and wider McGregor McMahon team.

This approach also enables a degree of succession planning and provides the ability for McGregor McMahon to use key personnel who may be better suited to particular tasks rather than a single individual who may not have such a skill set.

Behind all this is our electronic document control system, Workspace. This software is used to store and record all electronic documents and communications, received or issued, and forms the foundation to our Quality Management System.

We advocate a “Zero Harm” philosophy when undertaking project designs and review the health and safety implications of a project at all stages from design to construction to maintenance to decommissioning.