McGregor McMahon operate a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and achieved accreditation in December 2012 through BMTrada as UKAS registered certifiers. Fundamental to our QMS, was a significant investment in the Workspace electronic document management system. Workspace also ensures that change control is recorded and a clear audit trail of communications throughout the project life is provided. This provides McGregor McMahon, and their clients, with the confidence that the correct information is being used.

Health & Safety

McGregor McMahon advocates a “Zero Harm” philosophy when undertaking project designs. Built into our QMS procedure is a requirement for continual review of the experience of our technical staff in respect to health and safety. Dissemination of health and safety information is regularly undertaken though a variety of mediums including emails, lunchtime seminars and site visits. Our flexible team structure and a tailored training programme, feeds through our design approach and into our role as a designer within CDM 2015. Hazard identification and risk assessments are an integral part of our design process for all projects. Wherever possible, we seek to eliminate or reduce all design risks attached to the construction, maintenance and end of life phases. Where this cannot be achieved, residual risks or hazards are noted on the drawings.


McGregor McMahon have a commitment to reducing environmental impact, both in terms of our internal activities and those employed during the construction process as a result of our design.

This is recorded in our current Environmental Management System (EMS) Manual which aims to provide compliance with ISO 14001:2004.

McGregor McMahon are also UVDB Verify registered which requires the continual vetting by Achilles of our business probity, quality, health and safety and environmental management systems which provides clients with further confidence in McGregor McMahon’s credentials.