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Welcome to the very first blog on our new website and to our new name McGregor McMahon Consulting Engineers.

We thought we would reserve this occasion to celebrate and highlight the trading name of the company now that we are registered in Scotland.

As you may be aware, McGregor McMahon & Associates Ltd (“MMA”) is a private limited company registered with Companies House. When the company was started in 1994 by Tom McGregor and Alan McMahon, it was registered in England simply because Alan was based in London at that time.

The independence referendum last year alerted the current Board of Directors of MMA to the possibility that had the vote been successful, then the company could be registered in England but be trading in Scotland. On the face of it, this may not have been a big issue, however, if in time the taxation policies and currency of the two countries were to be different then issues could arise.  In addition, MMA has lost out on Scottish Government funded financial incentives open only to Scottish registered companies. 

On this basis, a decision was taken by the Board late last year to re -register the company in Scotland with a Scottish company registration number at the end of our current financial accounting year (30 June 2015). Instead of being a transfer of title, it has required the setting up of a new Scottish Company named McGregor McMahon (Scotland) Ltd (Company Number SC499033) (“MM(S)”). 

Although the old and new companies will run in parallel for a period as we have ongoing commissions and projects with a number of clients that will require to remain with the old company until they are completed. It is our intention that all new commissions and projects from the 1st of September 2015 would be carried out by the new company.

All staff members will transfer to the new company in due course, and the service to clients will remain unaffected throughout this period. All of the current Directors of MMA are also Directors of MM(S). Also, we have verified with our insurers that the Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurances under MMA will be honoured in the unlikely event that a claim has to be made against MM(S) for works carried out by MMA.

We will over the course of the next quarter add to the web-site and feature news and comment in our News page on a frequent and regular basis.

Meantime, we trust you like the new format and would value your comments on the website.

Best regards from all at

McGregor McMahon Consulting Engineers

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